Thursday, September 28, 2006

着物あれこれ:帯  Kimono (5) Obi

帯は着物姿を引き立てるもっとも重要な要です。どういう帯を組み合わせるかでその着物のイメージも変わります。ときには着物より帯の方が高価な場合もあります。幅は30センチ(並幅)、長さは約3~4 メートルもあります。結んだとき前の方が半分の15センチ幅で、後ろの結び方はいろいろありますが、一般的にはお太鼓です。美しい模様がお太鼓の中心にくるようにデザインされていて、後姿の方が華やかになります。
A kimono belt, Obi is a very important element of kimono style. It makes the whole style vivid or settled. It is said "(you should have)four obis for a kimono." Sometimes a coordinated obi is more expensive than kimono itself.
The width obi is 30cm and lengts about 320~400cm. The tying-body part (around one third of whole length) is folded into half, 15cm width. Nagoya-obi is already folded and sewed into this size.
The back style of tied obi is in variety. There are many gorgeous styles for young girls' beautiful furisode. But "o-taiko" is the most general one. "Taiko" means a drum and it's named from the shape.

This light blue obi is Nagoya-obi.

These are some example of obi patterns.They are the parts of o-taiko when tied. So you can see how gorgeous the back of kimono style is.

This obi is very Japanese; both colors and patterns.

This is rather westernised colors and patterns.


Ulla said...

What a great combination -kimono and obi on the first picture.2 patternss and so beautiful together.

And the blocks-just fantastic .

Nice weekend
Ulla in the north of Sweden

hideko said...

It's very nice to know someone always enjoys my writings. Thanks, Ulla.

Bear said...

the top two obi are so beautiful - the one in the middle quite takes my breath away the colours, and the design is just exquisite. the bottom obi is beautiful but the pattern seems at odds to me - it appears very modern.Do the Japanese manufactures make Kimono and obi today?/ and if they do are the old patterns used or are the newer patterns being used - those with a more Western appearance
love n hugs bear xooxoxoxo