Thursday, February 22, 2007

クレージーキルト教室 Kayokoさんの作品 My CQ Class/ Kayoko's works

今日は”可愛い度”満点のKayoko さんの作品です。
I have my CQ class with five ladies at my home every other Wednesday. This group is very small and friendly. We might be chatting more than stitching. Everyone challenges different projects what she likes in her own way.
Recently I have been so busy I haven't had enough time to do CQ myself. Today I'll show you some works of Kayoko's, which are so KAWAII. She used to be a professional broadcaster when she was young.

Curtain ties.

Her first work with four blocks.

She says she is so busy being asked to make more by people who want to have.

A small wall hanging.

This blog was hitted 10,000 last evening. I wonder who was. Thank you very much for your regular visits.Of course a new comer is welcomed too.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Emiko さんのブロック Emiko's Block of Tradewinds DYB

一月中旬にEmiko さんのDYBブロックが手元に届いていました。考えてみると日本人の人のブロックを飾るのは初めてのことです。
I received Emiko's blocks of the Tradewinds DYB in mid January. I have realized this is the first time for me to work on a Japanese person's block.

I picked up this naked block after long consideration.


These beautiful handpainted buttons are from Jakkie Lease in US.

作業を始めたのは一昨日だったのですが、始めたら写真を撮るひまもないくらいどんどん進んで、今日終わってしまいました。Emiko さんが気に入って下さることを祈って。
I have worked and finished all in these two days. I hope Emiko like this block.