Saturday, September 02, 2006

着物あれこれ:反物 Kimono (1) Tanmono (A Fabric Roll)



I have realized oversea CQers loves Oriental theme and are interested in Japanese kimono very much. I am a Japanese. That doesn't mean I am a kimono expert. I only have very general knowledge about kimono as an ordinary Japanese woman. But maybe other Japanese ladies visiting to this blog would help me when I am confused or write something wrong. So I will start writing this and that about kimono in this blog. I can't promise every day or every time, but as often as possible.

Today, here are three photos of kimono fabrics. The width of them is definitely same, 36cm. This is a very basic unit for kimono construction. And the kimono fabric is sold in roll; whole length is about 10.00m. The 36cm width and 10m length fabric in a roll is for one kimono for an adult. This hasn't been changed for centuries.


Ulla said...

Thank you for the informations about kimono.I really want to learn more.The fabrics are so wonderful in patterns and colours.Very interesting with the size 0.36x10m.It seems to be very very well counted.A long tradition.

Your informations about the colours typical for Japan-thank you for the info about the red colour.Very interesting.When we were dying fabrics in wool many years we had problems to get bright red but the red you have.

I'm looking forward next chapter.
Ulla who wishes you a nice new week

hideko said...

Thank you very much for your kind comment. I'll keep writing about our culture.

Ati said...

Thank you Hideko for this information.
When do Japanese women wear a kimono? Are there special events?
Is it f.e. on sunday or only at weddings ect?

hideko said...

Mostly on occasions of cereblations; wedding, graduation ceremony, formal party, etc. Wearing kimono is not easy for a person who don't get used to it. Especially tying obi(kimono belt) is very difficult if without some experienced woman's help. We have professional women who dress us kimono. But today it's popular for young girls to enjoy old used kimono in casual style. They are very cheap. I have some, too, not to wear but to use as cq materials after

Bear said...

Hi Hideko
wowee I love the one with the potted Geranium and the blue one the other one seems so different to all of the others I have seen here today- is there a reason for this- would it be used for everyday type Kimono and the more beautiful colours and decorations for more formal occasions??

love n hugs bear xoxoxox