Tuesday, September 19, 2006

ナルニア Narnia


I finished Rendi's "Narnia" block and it's now at home safely. Most of you might have seen the movie by Disney production, even if you haven't read the whole story yet. The movie is base on the part one.
I stitched bloody red roses with SRE in dark color tied with a black ribbon. This motif is a symbol of Aslan (lion king)'s noble self-sacrifice. But he would rise again for the peace and freedom of Narnia. I put a shield and holly glass. Two seams stitches represent the two season of winter and spring in Narnia, before and after liberation.
I remember lots of English children's books in which boys and girls living in an old house are time slipped to another period. Have you ever read Philippa Pearce's "Tom's Midnight Garden" and Alison Uttley's "A Traveller in Time", which I love so much? In former book, you can experience the Victorian era, and in the last the Elizabethan.
And again Narnia. Have you seen the movie of the author C.S.Lewis's love with his wife, "Shadowlands"(Anthony Hopkins acted in)? I reccomend it to you too.


Ulla said...

The theme so surprisihg but so good.A book or two can give you both entertainment and something for your soul.The embroideries are really expressive.
Ulla in the north of Sweden

abeautifulcraft said...

Hi Hideko, what a wonderful block, with so much detail. I read the books of Narnia when I was a child and loved them. I haven't seen the movie as yet. What a lovely way of portraying the movie - just beautiful! Hugs Sandie

Anonymous said...

Hideko. That is beautiful. I am so sorry, but I just found your flickr e-mail to me from June 30 today. I did not know I had e-mail at flickr, and when I saw it I felt so bad! Yes, DMC has an off-white or ivory color of rayon floss. I can easily get some for you and send it if you still need it. I don't have the number since I put my skein in a plastic baggie and threw away the wrappers. Let me know. So sorry I took so long to respond and you probably don't need it any more. But at least I learned I have flickr mail now and that is good! Debbie R. Here is my e-mail addy: needlelilmoretime2sew@yahoo.com