Thursday, September 28, 2006

着物あれこれ:帯  Kimono (5) Obi

帯は着物姿を引き立てるもっとも重要な要です。どういう帯を組み合わせるかでその着物のイメージも変わります。ときには着物より帯の方が高価な場合もあります。幅は30センチ(並幅)、長さは約3~4 メートルもあります。結んだとき前の方が半分の15センチ幅で、後ろの結び方はいろいろありますが、一般的にはお太鼓です。美しい模様がお太鼓の中心にくるようにデザインされていて、後姿の方が華やかになります。
A kimono belt, Obi is a very important element of kimono style. It makes the whole style vivid or settled. It is said "(you should have)four obis for a kimono." Sometimes a coordinated obi is more expensive than kimono itself.
The width obi is 30cm and lengts about 320~400cm. The tying-body part (around one third of whole length) is folded into half, 15cm width. Nagoya-obi is already folded and sewed into this size.
The back style of tied obi is in variety. There are many gorgeous styles for young girls' beautiful furisode. But "o-taiko" is the most general one. "Taiko" means a drum and it's named from the shape.

This light blue obi is Nagoya-obi.

These are some example of obi patterns.They are the parts of o-taiko when tied. So you can see how gorgeous the back of kimono style is.

This obi is very Japanese; both colors and patterns.

This is rather westernised colors and patterns.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

デビーSのインスピレーション Debbie S's Inspiration

It was the first time for me to do some activity with Debbie S from Oregon. But because of the rotation, I always received every members' blocks from her, that meant I could see every her works on each blocks from this DYB. She loves victorian style and does very beautiful SRE. I learned very much from her technics.

She stitched flowers to emphasize the patterns of the fabric.

An appliqued butterfly and a stitched rose lacemotif.


I love the colors of these small flowers, maybe cut from a trim.

The left rose is made of very nice yarn.

Debbie S and I are doing Christmas DYB together now and again she is sending me each members' blocks to me. I have finished her victorian colors Christmas block already. I would like to do the victorian themed RR with her again, making victorian style blocks myself. Would you embellish it for me again, Debbie?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

マーヤのインスピレーション Marya's Inspiration

Marya Blackwell is an excellent CQer from California. I know how gorgeous embroidery and SRE she does through the Fan RR we did together. I have a beautiful book mark from her by another swap. It's really gorgeous, made of doubled organdie ribbon with big beads and a long tussel. But I couldn't find such big book in my bookshelf for its 50cm length. It makes a very beautiful wall hanging at my house now. On this block, she has made a beautiful embroidered picture with gorgeous wisterias.

She made a nice branch with a chenille yarn.

The variation of colors and stitches of wisterias is very artistic.

Very delicate and fine beads works.

I love the varigated color.

In Japan wisterias are one of the symbol flower of gorgeous and beautiful spring season. It's just like you. Thank you very much for your nice work, Marya.

Monday, September 25, 2006

ケリーのインスピレーション Kerry's Inspiration

Kerry Leslie is a Canadian. If my memory is correct, her house is an old church building in a small village and she lives with not only her family but sheep, goats, many birds and other creatures. I have been always with her in lots of activities since I joined in CQI. She is always warm and kind.

I would like to borrow this button motifs.


この花かごは本当にきれいです。黄色のマーガレット、フレンチノットで埋めた紫の花、共にDMCの1本どりです。These flowers are stitched with one strand of DMC.

She loves cross-stitching very much and makes beautiful motifs.

This is a very big present from her. Can you see the finest stitches of this antique petit poin embroidery pin?

She said she used Sharon's 100 details in 100 days for her seam stitches.
Kerry, many many thanks for your lots of time, beautiful embroideries, important pin and warm friendship.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

リンダのインスピレーション Linda F's Inspiration

The center piece is satin and right bottom one is solid cotton.
Linda F is from New York. When I found we did this DYB together for the first I felt so lucky because I had admired her elgant and sophisticated colors. She did my block with butterflies theme.

An outlined butterfly motif.

She used a mix of old amd new buttons with pearl beads.

段染めの刺繍糸でフェザーステッチをした後、ビーズとフレンチノットで飾り、蝶やハチのチャームを止めつけてあります。オレンジの蝶のチャームは"Pure Allure" というメーカーのもの。
The orange butterfly charm is made by "Pure Allure".

She used self handdyed silk ribbons.

Her seam treatments are very beautiful.

I love this block very much, too. It's realy beautiful. Thank you, Linda. I would like to do RR with you again.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

レスリーのインスピレーション Leslie's Inspiration

For the block, I used three kind of kimono fabrics, a silk juban fabric, a wool muline and a solid cotton.

I was really looking foward to seeing this beautiful cherry tree done by her stunning stitching skills in person.

She has used very, very fine threads for seams.

A dragonfly is stitched in realistic style with fine gold and silver threads.

I can't believe to bullion stitch with so fine threads.

I would ask her how to make these dimentional beaded flowers.

I realy appreciate her for these nice works on my block.

Friday, September 22, 2006

インスピレーション DYB  Insprations DYB


My Inspirations DYB blocks got home safely recently after long journey since this spring. As you see, all of them are embellished by talented ladies very, very beautifully. I am so excited and happy with them. I will embellish the last naked one.
It was spring when this RR started. So I picked up bright and pretty kimono fabrics. Today I only show you these beautiful works, introducing the ladies who did which block. But later I would like to find a chance to watch details.

レスリー(米) Leslie Ehrlich (USA)

リンダ(米) Linda Feuge (USA)

ケリー(カナダ) Kerry Leslie (Canada)

マーヤ(米) Marya Blackwell(USA)

デビーS Debbie Smith (USA)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

ナルニア Narnia


I finished Rendi's "Narnia" block and it's now at home safely. Most of you might have seen the movie by Disney production, even if you haven't read the whole story yet. The movie is base on the part one.
I stitched bloody red roses with SRE in dark color tied with a black ribbon. This motif is a symbol of Aslan (lion king)'s noble self-sacrifice. But he would rise again for the peace and freedom of Narnia. I put a shield and holly glass. Two seams stitches represent the two season of winter and spring in Narnia, before and after liberation.
I remember lots of English children's books in which boys and girls living in an old house are time slipped to another period. Have you ever read Philippa Pearce's "Tom's Midnight Garden" and Alison Uttley's "A Traveller in Time", which I love so much? In former book, you can experience the Victorian era, and in the last the Elizabethan.
And again Narnia. Have you seen the movie of the author C.S.Lewis's love with his wife, "Shadowlands"(Anthony Hopkins acted in)? I reccomend it to you too.

Friday, September 15, 2006

着物あれこれ:襦袢 Kimono (4) Juban


We wear a underdressing kimono, JUBAN. Juban is always full length while kimono is about 20~30cm longer than actual full length, as it would be folded up at the waist when we wearing. A white overcollar is always used to cover the juban neckline. So we can change it when soiled. Mostly very fine and soft silk fabrics are used for juban. Therefore you would love these fabrics for CQing too. You can see I used one of these juban fabrics for my jewelry bags to swap.