Sunday, August 20, 2006

まとめの色 Third Color



When we had a baggie challenge as the first, I made a pair of heart cushion covers for Sue Duffy in Florida. You can see I added yellow, orange and light green to the basic color combination of turquoise & rose pink. I chose them from her baggie. Don't you think whole combination is very similar to the wears of Korean dolls clothes?

In May I made a CQ, using Japanese fabrics. The basic color combination is also turquoise and rose. But the third color which unites the whole is gray/navy blue here. Then I used gray, navy, grayish pink and grayish yellow threads for seams,and added only monotone glass, metalic and pearl beads.

Here are two close ups of the blocks. Which do you prefer? I myself do the first one. But the second one has been hitted much more times in flickr albumn.

I am thinking the national color preference/color sense might be related to the nature or scenic condition in its own country.


Anonymous said...

I love the colors! The cushion covers are wonderful!

Susan said...

I, too, like the top one more, but I think the colorful ribbon on the bottom block probably prompts a lot of people to click on it and see what that's about.