Wednesday, August 09, 2006

銀河鉄道の夜 Milky Way Railroad

CQMagOnlineというのは、オンラインの雑誌です。一年前まではもうひとつThe CQ Newsletter というCD で届く素敵な雑誌もあったのですが、残念なことに廃刊になりましたので、これが唯一の定期刊行のクレージーキルトの雑誌です。クリックすると再度ホームページに行くようにと指示が出るかもしれませんが、そしたらもう一度、CQMagOnlineをクリックして下さい。Current Issue (最新号)にゆき、Contents(目次)の中の4番目、Lynn Schoefflerさんの、Interpretive CQ:Bitten by the RR Bugという記事を、開けて見て下さい。その中に今日載せた写真の一枚があります。


If you access to the link of CQMgOnline and see the Lynn Schoeffler's article titled "Interpretive CQ:Bitten by the RR Bug" out of the current issue, you would find a photo I have uploaded today. It is my work on a Mary Jane's block from the CQI Fantasy RR of last year. I was the last person for the block. When I received it I immediately made up my mind to do my work based on "The Milkyway Railroad" by Kenji Miyazawa. You have an English translation by Joseph Sigrist & D.M.Stroud, published by Stone Bridge Press)

Teased by his friends and alone on a hilltop, a young boy is suddenly swept aboard a magical train bound for the Milky Way with his best friend. The train passes stations (stars and constellations) and they met passengers getting on and off. They were on the way to heaven. The train was a passage from this life to the next. But only he would be allowed to return to Earth, where he found his friend jorneyed together had drowned in river to save a small boy.

Kenji Miyazawa (1896-1933) was a poet and geologist. He lived among poor farmers in Tohoku, giving them advices about fertilizers. His literary works are very philosophical and at the same time religious. Most of all his works and life were prayers for people's happiness and peace.


Bear said...

my dear friend Hideko
I loved reading of your inspiration for doing Mary Janes' block - its a wonderful story of the passage of two young friends and of ones death- and I think your interpretation of this story for Mary Janes block is beautiful as well.
Hideko every time I see some of your embroidery ----I am astounded by the way you are growing and spreading your magical wings(fingers) over your CQ embroidery.
This is very beautiful Hideko

much love and big hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxx

Ulla said...

I like the story amd the inspiration from that which gives you wonderful blocks.What an atmosphere and so lovely colours.I love your works.

About Tanabata.My eldest boy has a girlfriend and she was here in the beginning of July and they celebrated this holiday with fire and so on in the light night.We live just south of the arctic circle so we had only daylight all 24 hours.Now we have a little darkness some hours.Thanks for telling me about your celebration.

Ulla in the north of Sweden

Anonymous said...

Wonderful block! I am enjoying all of your photos! Thanks. :-)