Sunday, August 06, 2006

仙台七夕 Tanabata Festival in Sendai


Today is the first day of Sendai Tanabata festival, one of the three most famous summer festivals in Tohoku (north area of Japan). Nebuta in Aomori, Kanto in Akita and Tanabata in Sendai. Tanabata is a star festival based on an old tale from China: A beautiful court girl (Vega) who was a weaver fell in love with a cowboy(Altair). They became neglecting their job. God got angry and split them but allow them to meet once a year, only from the both sides of river (Galaxy). It is cereblated on July 7th usually but in Sendai one month later, following the luner calender.
Each shop on the main shopping streets makes a big bamboo decoration with balls and ribbons ornaments made of beautiful Japanese papers. You can see those bamboo decorations continuing 2km. And at some spot you may find another decoration with thousands of folded cranes people made with prayer for the peace. August 6th is also the day of Hiroshima.

But I was born and raised in Aomori prefecture where the most ecxiting and moving Nebuta festivals are held. You will see many huge lantern floats parade in the dark evening. Whenever I hear the sounds of Japanese drums and flutes sounds I feel my blood boiling. To me Sendai Tanabata seems to be too still. If you are interested in Nebuta, please accsess the sites I have put. If you can't understand Japanese, you would imagine something.


Ati said...

Dear Hideko,
Thank you for the explanation. I have seen those "mills" before but never now what it meant.
Now I now, thanks. Ati.

Kate said...

What beautiful pictures - it looks like a very pretty festival.

ayako said...


abeautifulcraft said...

Hello Hideko, loved reading through your blog, beautiful work. Hugs Sandie

Anonymous said...

You make me homesick for Japan. :-)

Bear said...

Hello Hideko
I loved reading of your festivals and seeing the pictures they are so very different in the areas and hadnt realised that- I think like you I would like the festival in your birthplace very much- if only for the music of the Japanese drums and flutes and to see the large lanterns although I have seen some footage of the thousands of cranes for peace- I will pray for peace again for now and always
much love Hideko and big hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxox