Tuesday, August 22, 2006

あしたのジョー Jo for Tomorrow

私がひそかに”あしたのジョー”と名づけている Jo は、一番下がやっと二歳になったばかりの三人の小さな子供がいるニュージーランドの若いママです。昼は子供たちとずっと一緒、寝かせてからの夜が自分の時間というのですが、その僅かな一人の時間に、精力的に彼女の作るクレージーキルトは、若々しく奔放で独創的で、それでいて刺繍も縫い方も実にきれいで、天成の才能が感じられます。ブログからはクレージーキルトが好きでたまらない様子が伝わってきます。

This is a heart from Jo in New Zealand. I have given her a nickname "Jo for Tomorrow" secretly. Oversea ladies might wonder what's the meaning of this nickname. When I was young, around 20 years old, I was a maniac comics fan and "Jo for Tomorrow" was one of the most popular comics then. Jo was a young boxer who always stands up and fights for tomorrow. This serial comic was run on a weekly magazine for three years. Still now Jo is a legendary hero in Japan. Of course Jo in NZ is a young heroine in CQ.
Her heart reminded me a sand beach of Okinawa. (I haven't been to Okinawa. So I have to ask Debbie if my imagination is right.) A pine tree on the beach, blue sea, coral reefs.
Jo remembered I had loved her beads trails on her Path Finder block and made it on this heart for me. Seeing it in person, I felt like trying it myself. An inspiration of paisley motif also came from her.


Jo in NZ said...

Thank you for your lovely words Hideko. You have done a beautiful job with the bead trail, and you have inspired me. I have a White on White RR block coming my way, and I just dont use white AT ALL, so I was panicing, but you have made me realise that I can do anything in white!!
Your paisley is also stunning. It adds such lovley texture to the block

Susan said...

Jo's heart is lovely. I absolutely adore the white paisley you did. It's so graceful and balanced.

hideko said...

Jo, I am looking foward to seeing your white-on-white block.
Susan, thank you very much for your kind words.