Tuesday, August 01, 2006

インスピレーション Inspirations




"Inspirations" DYB group of CQI started in May. When I received Linda's blocks at the beginning of July, only three naked blocks had been left. After long consideration I picked up one and again it took very long time for me to have got an idea what to do. I put the block upside down many times and just watched every day. One day when the block was put like the photo, the center piece looked like windows in sunset shining and it reminded me A. Hitchcocks "Rear Window". I had got an inspiration then. And I started to make a window scene there. When finished, I felt I had seen such a scene in some painting. Matisse? I wondered. I checked my art books but couldn't find the exact one. But still I feel I have seen the similar scene before.


katiejayinpa said...

This seems so different from your stuff, i wouldn;t have known it was you, yet, i should have known becasue the stitching is gorgeous!

Linda said...

Hideko I love this!! I can't wait to see all the blocks together. This is a great RR to be in.

hideko said...

Linda, I am glad you liked my work. When I receive my blocks I will show your work for everybody in this blog.

ayako said...


Debbie R. said...

That is so clever! :-) Nice job, Hideko.

Bear said...

I love this- I wonder have you ever seen the front cover of Annies' book on CQ- its of a scene that reminds me a lot of what you have done here- I think that may be where you have gotten your inspiration from - what do yo think??
I love it- this is very different to how you usually embroider but its as beautiful as your other pieces very beautiful --dear friend
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxxoxo

hideko said...

I remember her work, a box of her room or house. Maybe I might have taken it unconsciously.

piney cq said...

Hideko....your work is so wonderful! I LOVE it! Being able to see this particular block in person is an honor! You are sooo creative! Where on earth do you get all these great charms? they are sewww cool!

hideko said...

Leslie, I am blushed with a compliments from a person I am admiring. Thank you very much.