Friday, August 18, 2006

ホワィト・ガーデン White Garden

"Chains of Hearts"のグループに参加を決めたのは、フリッカーのアルバムを眺めていたときに、ホワィト・ガーデンと名づけられたそのハートがどうしても欲しくなったからです。挨拶のメールに、あのハートに心を引かれたことを書いたら、ローズマリーさんがすぐに、貴女のができるまで取っておきますよ、と返事をくれました。それを始まりに今では手元に16枚もハートがたまりました。例外はありますが、自分で希望するときには大体ブルーを中心に選んでいます。涼しげな夏の風景のハートをご覧下さい。”ホワィト・ガーデン”の次がオーストラリアのジュリアさん、次はアメリカのメーアさん、最後のコットンのハートはノルウェーのアティさんです。


The main reason I joined to the "Chains of Hearts" and started to make hearts was I adored Rosemary's "White Garden" heart and would like to have it. I found it in the Flickr's albumn. She was so kind to keep it for me until I got ready. It was the first heart swap for me. Now I have sixteen hearts. I have chosen blue ones mostly except a few. Here are beautiful hearts from Rosemary (Australia), Julia (Australia), Maire(US) and Ati (Norway). You may feel a cool fresh air in this hot and humid summer.

Emiko has started her blog (in Japanese). I am enjoying it much. We have talked about some difference of color sense between us Japanese and oversea poeple from our experience of RRs. I will write about that topic later.


abeautifulcraft said...

Hello Hideko, I'd love to swap a heart with you sometime when you have one to spare. Hugs Sandie

Jo in NZ said...

Hideko, I would love to hear your thoughts on the difference in colour sense between the east and the west. Having looked at your work, and at Emiko's page, there is a difference, but I can't put my finger on it.

I think we 'fibre artists' on the whole, have a different way of looking at, and using colour. I bought flowers yesterday. The flowers were mostly pink, they were wrapped in a pink flax mat, the florist put them in a pink vox, then was going to add pink fabric! Now i'm not into pink, and I held my tongue up to a point, but finally I had to say, "how about some green to bring out the foliage". She looked at me as if I was mad, but did it, then she said " I might add a burgandy ribbon to bring out that colour from the flowers" HALLELUYAH!! I thought, you're getting the hang of it now.

So, after that long comment, I looked forward to your thoughts.

hideko said...

Sandie, of course I will.

hideko said...

Jo, this's very interesting subject to me too. I am afraid I can't write logically. But we (Emiko and I shared the same feeling) sometimes feel very uncomfortable with the strong colors combination. It's not the difference between the west and east because we have the same feeling with Chinese or Korean colors. You might regard us same as Asian. But we aren't. Our color is completely different from theirs. I feel some part of US people's color sense is common to theirs. Anyway I will write more later in my blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please do write more about this, Hideko. I love the work of Japanese quilters, and have been in awe of the Japanese color sense for many years! In five years over there, I feel like my own color sense changed, but don't know if it was due to my location or just more experience with fabrics. I would try to think like a Japanese quilter sometimes in choosing colors and fabrics, but don't think I ever shook off my American roots! :-)

Susan said...

The hearts are beautiful, and I will hope to swap one with you when I get a few more made. When I look at yours, they are so beautiful and complete, and nothing like anything I would think to do!

hideko said...

Susan, I will start to make a few hearts soon. I would like to swap with you, too. I saw your beautiful heart in your blog.