Sunday, July 30, 2006

アジサイ三題 Hydrangea




紫陽花と書きますが、雨に濡れながら重たげに頭を垂れて咲いているのが、日本人が思うアジサイのように思います。梅雨明けも近いようですが、アジサイ色のハートを三つ、作りました。二つはスワップに、一つはコメント欄に何度か投稿してくれている Ayako さんに。今年は鎌倉にアジサイを見に行くのもままならなかったでしょう。そして心はアジサイのように移り変わっていることでしょう。早く元気になることを祈って。 

Sakutaro Hagiwara (1886~1942, a poet) compared his heart to hydrangea; the colour is easily changing and never satisfied with its present colour. I am sorry I can't translate his beautiful lines into English.
Hydrangea is blooming in a rainy season, from mid June to July, in Japan. For us, the flower balls seems to be always bending their heads in wet. Lots of temples in Kamakura (near Tokyo but very old and beautiful historical town) are very famous with their beautiful hydramgea gardens.
Two of my three hydrangea hearts are for swapping with Wilma in Holland and Jo in New Zealand. The last one is for my dear friend Ayako, who has visited this blog and commented often. She must have missed hydrangeas in Kamakura this year because of her illness. I hope she will be well soon.  


Anonymous said...

Your translation was beautiful! I love hydrangeas too and I surely remember rainy season! :-)

Ulla said...

Beautiful hearts with an air of calmness and beauty.I try to learn more about japaneese crafts and I really enjoy the colours and the soft patterns.

Ulla in the north of Sweden
wishes you a lovely time.

Ati said...

Dear Hideko,
Your hydrangea hearts are as beautiful as your other work.
Ati from Norway.

hideko said...

Ulla and Ati, thank you very much for your kind comments from Scandinavia.

Jo in NZ said...

Hideko, These hearts are gorgeous, and one of them will be mine . YAY!
I love the leaves in the middle heart. I can see that you have done the outline in chain stitch, but can you share how you have 'filled them in'?

hideko said...

The leaves are crochet. I made them and appliqued. If you can crochet, it's easy to make them.

ayako said...


Bear said...

your hydrangeas are wonderful- so like the ones from my garden. I cannot imagine them flowering in the rainy season there for you- here in Australia they flower in the summer months and often in South Australia they get very sunburnt-so we have to grow them under cover so that the sun will not burn their beautiful leaves or flowers and in my garden the flowers are generally pink as the soil is very Alkaline in nature - I have to put Bluing tonic onto the hydrangeas to get them to colour up blue. Thius year I havent done it so they will be pink I will try and remember to take a photo to show you when they flower. But I have loved looking at yours and so wish you could translate the poem for me. I really think these hydrangea hearts that you have made here are the most beautiful of all of the hearts that you have made- you love Hydrangeas very much and it shows in your beautiful embroidery of them
love n hugs bear xiooxoxoxox