Friday, December 01, 2006

オンラインクラス ブロック完成 Encrusted CQ Lesson : Block finished

I have done a bit more work and finished the block.

I have made a beads trail following Sharon's advice, above and below the SRE motif.

I love this little butterfly Sharon taught us.


This is my finished block. I appreciate Sharon for her hard working for these six weeks. Many, many thanks. I have enjoyed this class and had so much fun.


Anonymous said...

You have done a beautiful job!
Kirei desu ne.

emiko said...


Ulla said...

What a lovely block.Studied the block and I found a great divesity of stitches and embelishments in a very beautiful combination.It seems that the course by Sharon gives many knowedges and inspirations.Congratulations dear Hideko.
Ulla in the north of Sweden who wishes you a nice weekend

coral-seas said...

What a beautiful block. I have enjoyed following its progress. There is an amazing amount of work and details everywhere you look.
It sounds as though you enjoyed the course. I hope you are pleased with the finished article, I would be.

Best Wishes

Susan said...

It's a beautiful block! What will you do with it now? It can't just sit on a shelf or in a drawer - it's too pretty!

Jo in NZ said...

This is really beautiful Hideko....and truly encrusted. Did yu find that this style of CQ challenged you? What were the easiest and hardiest parts for you?

hideko said...

Dear all,
Thank you very much for your compliments. I think I have done a satisfactory work, which I myself love much.
From the first time when I picked up the red poppy silk print I was making this block as "Red Poppy". So I used the red color and cross stitched the flower.
But at the same time, always a poem about red poppies was remaining in my mind. You may think it strange because it's a war poem during the World War I, never a happy poem. The title is "In Flanders Fields". I read it a several years ago and was very impressed then. I couldn't shake off those lines while I was working on this block. I am not sure it has been reflected on my work or not. But maybe it made me not easy to choose what to do next all the time, though I always enjoyed the course. (Jo, sorry, I know this is not an exact answer for your question.)
Besides CQ I have been working of translating a book by Flora Thompson, whose beloved brother was killed in Flanders. It must be one of the reasons why the poem stuck me.

ayako said...

それが今日になって英子さんの Gear All, から始まる英文のコメントを読んで、「あっ」と思い感動し、同時に「グレー」の本当の意味を理解しました。こんなにたくさんの花が咲いているのにどうして落ち着いていて寂しげなのだろうかという理由が。