Friday, December 29, 2006

大正浪漫 Japanese Romanticism

The theme was "victorian style". I wanted to use Japanese kimono fabrics and picked up MEISEN which were worn in Taisho and early Showa era and are very modern in its colors and patterns. Taisyo era was very short but liberal and romantic period before the war.

I wanted to add some cherry motif on each block.

Block 5

Block 6


Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing more of these blocks. I especial like block 6 with the smaller flowers all nestled up against the larger one and the tiny ones sprinkling down on the blue material. Of course it it all the blocks are outstanding work. I enjoyed seeing the work you did with the beads, too.

Anonymous said...

Hideko, all the blocks are beautiful. Very diffrent in color setting as what we are used to in Europe. Your embroidery is soooo nice!

Anonymous said...

These blocks are so lovely! I especially like the butterfly in the second block, and the rickrack treatement in the 4th. There is just so much to see on your blocks, and I love looking at them.

Anonymous said...

Hideko, your blocks are soooooo wonderful! In really enjoy to take a look at your blogevery time. Congratulations for this amazing work!
Lots of greetings from Austria