Friday, December 08, 2006

届いたハート二つ Two Hearts from North & South

My purple rose hearts found their homes in Finland and Australia. And two hearts from there have been added in my collection.

This heart is from Helina in Finland. She told me she was teaching in a Finnish school in Otsu, Japan for two years. I have been to Helsinki once, where I felt transparent and clean air just like I feel with this heart. I learned "Helsin" means "water" then. Helsinborg in Sweden, Helsingor in Denmark are also water(sea coast) cities.
Am I right, Helina?

This is from Maureen in Australia. I love the blue purple flower so much.
Blue is my most favorite colour when I choose, though I challenge various colours when I make my own cqs.

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Susan said...

Two beautiful hearts for your collection! I see what you mean about the clean feeling. The minute I saw the top one, I thought how cool and refreshing it felt! The blue flower on Maureen's is really pretty. Did she make that, or is it a pre-made flower? Is that thread with the bugle beads a metallic?