Sunday, September 16, 2007

インゲボルグのRRブロック その3 Ingeborg's RR Block 3

Now a small work for finishing touch is left. I'll put on beads, charms, buttons and etc.


My work has been finished.

Here's the whole block after me.


Lorenza said...

Hideko, your work is great and the block came out wonderful, I was the first to work on it and I had so much trouble I didn't know where to start!

Ati. Norway. said...

Hideko, it is beautiful, I love the flowers you made. Ingeborg will be surprised.

Cheryl said...

This is a stunning block with your work Hideko. The flowers you added are so dimensional and really draw the eye in.

Susan said...

Wonderful garden block, and yours is just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I'm so excited to see how my block turned out! All the work is stunningly beautiful. I'm amazed by how it turned out. I'm doing the happy dance today. My biggest compliments to each and everyone that worked at it!!


Bear said...

wowee Hideko this is such a beautiful block and so much different types of embroidery etc on it- so beautiful
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo