Monday, July 30, 2007

暑中見舞いのつもりが My "Summer Night" Postcards

Swap ですから当然私の方もはがきを三枚作りました。作ったのは七夕の頃でとても暑かったので涼しい感じにと思い、「サマー・ナイト」というタイトルにしたのですが。送るときになって気づきました。宛先は全員オーストラリアで、向こうは季節は冬だったのですね。涼しいどころか、シバれる「ウインター・ナイト」になってしまいました。
I made three postcards titled "Summer Night" for three ladies. But I realized they all live in Australia. It's winter there. My card should heve been titled "Winter Night". They look so cold rather than cool.

For Maureen.

For Faye.

For Margaret.


Lorenza said...

Hideko, your postcards are a beauty, do you wish an Italian postcard? I made some of them yesterday: I'll post on my blog later.

Momo said...

These cards are so cute! I like the mixture art-crazy very much. I made a Japan quilt - and now I hope I didn't made a mistake in it :-) - you're welcome to read my blog.

Susan said...

Both the ones you received and the ones you made are beautiful. I really love your blue nights!