Tuesday, July 03, 2007

モーリーンのブロック My Work for Maureen

A new RR started mid June. I had received this block from Maureen, Australia at the beginning of the month.

The real colour is much lighter and beautiful. As for colours, I decided to use blue, lavender and cream from the first time when I looked. But I couldn't find what to do on which place of this block for a very long time.

Finally I picked up the flower in my garden as a motif as usual. And when I happened to see a photo of embroidered lilac of the Ecole Lesage in France, I felt like taking the techniques of using sequins and beads with stitching. Though my skill is not safficient, I like the result.

Here's the whole block after my work. The next stitcher is Emiko.

When we do crazy quilting, there are too many choices given to us in all of aspects; materials, designs, techniques and etc. Too much freedom makes us feel dizzy, though it is the core of our pleasure. After three weeks of dizziness, I finished this work in two days.


Susan said...

Your flowers are wonderful. I think you did an excellent job and the little leaves you stitched are so perfect-looking.

Debbie R. said...

What a lovely motif! I think your stitching is quite sufficient and I like the result too! Gorgeous!

threadspider said...

This is a beautiful and perfect little flower motif. Inspiring.

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Thank you very much for all of your kind comments.
Judith, I am enjoying your blogs since I knew them through Allison Aller's.

nuinui said...


Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

クレージーには”狂った”とも共通しているのでしょうが、”不ぞろい”の意味があります。海外の人は普通のパッチワークキルトのことをよくsane quilt と言うのですが、このsane には正しく、”狂った”に対する”正気の、健全な”の意味があって笑ってしまいます。私は要は、”ルールのない何でもあり”の意味だと勝手に解釈しています。craze という名詞には、敷石やタイルの”ひび割れ”の意味もあって、クレージーに接いだパッチワークは、シームのステッチで強調するとたしかにそんな風にも見えますよね。