Tuesday, October 17, 2006

白いクレージーキルト White on White Crazyquilt

A few years ago a Japanese quilter Junko Miyazaki's book inspired me to make a white on white crazyquilt.Then I pieced 9 blocks, finished one and worked two. But after that my white quilt became a UFO because of my changable mood. I started it again, following Sharon B's "100 details in 100 days" in this June. Though I have been very slow I have finished all the blocks.

I embroidered one of the Helen Stevens's butterflies with DMC rayon.

This old lace had been used for a small giri's summer dress.

I put lace motifs for flowers and leaves, and stitched and beaded.

Three different texture ribbons are used.

The ribbon for leaves is 7mm wide. Others 4mm.

I had felt to be very poor at bullion stitches. The milliner needle from Pat Winter helped me to do the stitch well. The thread was from Emiko.

I am considering how to sew up these blocks. If you are interested in the close ups of each block or each seam, they are on my flickr albumn.


Jo in NZ said...

It's beautiful Hideko. White on white is quite an undertaking...you have done it so well.

emiko said...


Beadin' Gram said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Hideko. I love each block. You have really done a wonderful job of stitching. Hugz, Auntie

Susan said...

Oh, that's so delicate and elegant looking. Beautiful work!

hideko said...

Jo, aren't you doing your own WOW cq? I am really looking foward to it. Thank you very much for your compliments. Hideko

hideko said...


hideko said...

Hi, Auntie Jackie and Susan, thank you very much for your kind words. I wanted to finish these blocks before Sharon's online class starts. I was just in time!!

Ulla said...

This weekend I'm going to do a needlebook and I'm going to be inspirated by the seems you have made.Thank you for the lovely pics.
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Anonymous said...

Hideko, your work is beautiful as always, I love the WOW and the attention you give to each detail. Is this going to be for a wedding, it looks like something for a special bride.
glo - who is glad to own a bit of work from Hideko on my fan block for CQI

hideko said...

Hi Glo, thank you for your compliment. I would like to do another RR with you again. Hideko

hideko said...

Ulla, I am looking foward to seeing your needlebook. Now I feel like making one too.