Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I have been tagged by Jo

I have been tagged by Jo. I have to list 5 weird thing about me or my pet and tag five others after that.

1, Jo wrote about her eyes. So do I. My right eye is very nearsighted. 0.01 or so. But therefore that eye can still read letters without reading glasses. My left eye is normalsighted, 0.7, but can't see near sight without reading glasses. However I can drive without shortsighted glasses. I have two kind of glasses, one is for shortsighted right eye and another is reading glasses for left eye, but it's so complicated and confused to use them for each right occasion, I still do everything without glasses mostly.
2, I am very bad at reading maps. When I have to drive to somewhere for the first time, I take doubled time to reach there. I prefer a fine day for driving. Because I can find the direction from the position of sun.
3, Do you know JANKEN? It's a "rock-paper-scissors". I don't know the reason why I am so weak but I have never won.
4, When I was a highschool student, my marks of home economics was very bad. So my friends of those days can't imagine I am now doing CQ. But the reason of my bad marks was I tend to be lost in group activities, for example cooking class. I could only wash dishes or weigh salt and sugar then.
5, I don't think I am a sociable type. But I am always caught in long conversation because I am a very patient listner.

Are these weird things? Now I would like to tag Bear, Pat, Ulla, Iris Susan, and Wilma.

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