Tuesday, October 24, 2006

二度目のオンラインクラス My 2nd Online Class

Sharon B's online class started last Wednesday. It's 2nd time for me. I was thinking long time what to do and again took my UFO. I have pieced up a rectangle block this time.

I had made four fan blocks after last class but I don't remember what I was doing with these ones. I had collected matching fabrics too.

My colors choice of CQ always reflects my mood rather than my favorite.

But I found a Japanese patterned fabric exactly matching the color scheme I chose. It's the color-different one from the fabric I used for the last class. They are designed by Japanese quilter Yoshiko Katagiri. Her color choice must have inspired me then.

Therefore this block would be a centerpiece and the fan blocks put at the corners.


Ulla said...

It's going to be nice following your blocks in the course.I have not been in a course about CQ,not yet.
The colours are very special now.I try to analyze but...well I think it can be the autumn and the calmness.It's for me not colours full of joy but silence!?????

In the weekend I made a needlebook and I post it in the beginning of november when my friend has got it.Made a lot of beads and I'm happy for the result.

What a wonderful red block.

What book is te best one to learn more about kinono?I saw you were going to buy some.
Ulla in the north of Sweden

hideko said...

Thank you very much for your interest in my block. Hopefully it will become a "dramatic" one.
I have bought Lisa Dalby's "Kimono". It's really good book to learn about kimono. The author had an experience of Geisha in Kyoto and studied thoroughly about kimono culture then. I was thinking to write about Obi accessories next time but wondering what English words to use for them. Now I have got those words from her book. So now I am ready.

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! I haven't had much time to look at blogs lately and I am getting caught up!

Susan said...

I love your blocks. I think your plan will make a beautiful piece. The colors are warm, but calm feeling. The class is interesting so far.