Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Victorian Ladies DYB


Cathy K, Gerry H and Connie were attending the Retreat. So I would like to show them how I assemble the blocks of this DYB. As I started this project inspired by "Lady Audley's Secret", a sensational novel of Mary E Braddon in 19th century, there is a story.

キャシーのブロック。Cathy's block.

Young and beautiful Miss Lucy Graham appeared as a governess at a surgeon's home in the village.

リサのブロック。 Lisa's block.

Lord Michael Audley fell in love with her and his proposal was accepted. She seemed to be a perfect wife.


トルコのレンギン。Rengin's block.

Now Lucy is Lady Audley and she was so happy with her gorgeous new life.


そして私です。My block.

Lord Audley's nephew, Robert visited the manor with his old friend George. He had just returned back from Australia to find his wife was dead. He had left her to look for a fortune for their future. Lady Audley was feeling sick and excused she couldn't see them.


ジェリー Gerry's block.

Suddenly George disappeared. Robert suspected Lucy was Helen and she might have killed him. Lucy planned to burn the village inn he was staying.


コニー Connie's block.

But all her crimes were revealed and she was sent to a mad house in Belgium.

More stitches and embellishments would be expected.

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