Wednesday, October 30, 2013

CQJP Blocks

CQJP の毎月のブロックがしばらく手つかずでいましたが、シームステッチだけですので集中して3枚終わらせました。今年は和布を使い、日本の色をテーマにシームステッチだけを刺し、最後、本に仕上げるときは夢二の絵を組み合わせようと決めていました。?十年も昔に買って持っていた夢二の絵はがきセットから、ブロックに合いそうなカードを探しました。不思議なことにけっこうピッタリのものが見つかるのですね。そういうことから言っても、日本人の共通の色彩感覚というのはあるのではないかと思ってしまいます。

Here are CQJP blocks I finished recently. My theme is Japanese colour this year and the blocks are only seamstitched. But from the beginning I was planning each block would be combined with Yumeji Takehisa's illustration to make a fabric book. He was a very popular artist from the early 19c's in Japan. I looked for some suitable cards from my postcards colletion of his work for my blocks today.


Don't you think this card is perfect for the above block?

This is another example. A set of January block.


When I started my college life in Tokyo, my room was very close to the Zoushigaya Cemetery, where lots of famous artists and writers were rested. I liked to wander around there to meet them oftenly and Yumeji was one of them. His grave was very small and pretty, I felt.


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