Monday, October 07, 2013

CQI Retreat 2013 (2)



I was working as a CQI moderator, mainly as a monthly newsletter editor for 6 years since 2007 but it became too hard to continue the job especially after we got affected by quake and tsunami here 2 years ago. I had informed Cathy K I would leave the moderators group though I would be staying as a member.

What a warm and suprising ceremony they had prepared for my retirement!  A big flower bouque and a card! In addition a voucher of Flights of Fancy Boutique!!




And here's a beautiful cqed shoe I got from White Elephant Gift Exchange. They had changed a rule not to steal from me! That's why I can keep this treasure now!! Thank you very much Donna and to all the ladies!!


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Kaori said...

Wow,What's a beautiful shoe and also the box which in.
I'm looking forward to see it at next CQ lesson time!