Monday, February 02, 2009

クリムト Gustav Klimt


A comment is pointing the right answer. Can you read the signature of "GUSTAV KLIMT" I hid from the pic yesterday? You all must know him, who is a so popular artist. Japonism was the trend not only in Vienna but all over the Western world in the end of 19th century.


I made this block last summer but have been hesitating to show it here because of the copyright. I am still wondering if we can use an art in our work directly like this. I appreciate there's someone who knows and teach it to me.

If you visit to Lin Moon's blog, you'll see another quilt inspired of the same work of Klimt.


Ati. Norway. said...

Hideko, the block is beautiful!
I don't know about paintings, but in the music it is when the writer is dead for 15 years you can use it free.

Kathy said...

Your block is beautiful! I like how it is framed with the lace, beads, buttons and mounted on the black background.

Anonymous said...
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