Sunday, January 14, 2007

手ならしに My First UFO/WISP Challenge

I picked up these two blocks from my very early cqing stage. All fabrics are cotton prints and seams are herrigbone stitched simply.

I pieced many these type blocks to make pincushions and potholders for friends and for the annual bazzar of my AI group years ago.

The block size is 10cm square.

I loved this work and framed. So many scraps of my old clothes.

I have added some stitches to the basic herringbone, for the first stitch of Sharon's TAST was that. I didn't join it because I was not sure I had enough time to follow it regularly. But still I am peeking other people's nice stitches.

I have combined two blocks. But what I should do next? How about to make cushion cover?


Anonymous said...

What about some wide strips of lace down the long blue seams, tacked down with more herringbone stitching?

The two blocks are balanced nicely, so if you want to frame it, no more blocks need to be added. Or you could take one of the other fabric colors and make another wide border on top and right, or even on all four sides.

Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be beautiful.

hideko said...

Thank you for your kind comment. I have changed my mind to make a shopping bag, not a cushion cover. I have added a red flower motif and beaded fringe from Flight & Fancy. I will put the block as a big pocket on the front side. That will look like bordered as you recommend. Thanks.

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