Monday, November 20, 2006

ヴィクトリアン・クリスマス Victorian Christmas

来月、12月7日から9日まで東北キルトウィークというキルト展が仙台で開催されます。その中でクリスマスをテーマにしたミニキルトコンテストがあり、9月末に布を接いだブロックは、実はそれに出品しようと思って作ったものでした。10月末の〆切りにギリギリ間に合って送ることができましたが、二三日前、それが 主催者の一つである仙台放送の賞を頂けることになったと連絡がありました。
A big quilts exhibition will be held in Sendai here from December 7 to 9. There is a section for small quilts contest themed "Christmas" and I entried it the end of last month. And a few days ago, I received a letter my work "Victorian Christmas" had got a sponsor merits.

I think it will be the first chance for the people here to see such an encrusted CQ. I am very curious to see their response for the CQ, though it's a small work, only 50cm squqre.

But it was not easy work to embellish for that size as one block.


Ulla said...

A warm lovely victorian Christmas.
The embellishments are just perfect
I hope you get many visitors and good responce.It's going to inspire many.

I'm so impressed.
Ulla in the north of Sweden who have done CQ in white and off-white.I want to get more in red and green in the furure.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!

hideko said...

I was working white-on-white blocks for a while, so I needed some bright colors, too. Thank you very much for your kind words.

hideko said...

Debbie, have you found your silk print? Thank you very much!! It's so pretty there, isn't it?

Lorenza said...

Congratulation Ideko: you did a great job and I'm sure that everyone will admire it!

Anonymous said...

What a great encrusted piece. Your work is so delicate and the detail is wonderful.

JK said...

This is just beautiful. Since I love encrusted work, this caught my eye immediately. Such delicate hand work on this piece, and so intricate. Lovely work, and look forward to seeing more of your beautiful pieces.

emiko said...


ayako said...


hideko said...

Emiko さん、Ayako さん、お祝いをありがとうございます。今年はいっぱいクレージーをやったなあ、とつくづく思います。怠け者で有名な(だった?)私が、できるときにやっておかなきゃ、と思うなんて驚きです。昔、遠藤周作の『ぐうたら入門』に「明日できることを今日するな」という言葉があって、我が意を得たりと実践していましたが、最近それは「今日しかできないことを今日しよう」だと再解釈しているこの頃です。やっぱり年なんですね。英子

hideko said...

Thank you very much for everyone's kind words. I had never thought to entry myself any contest till this year. And this was the second.

Susan said...

Congratulations! I hope you will be able to listen in on comments, or there will be written ones, or something. This sounds like a great venue!