Monday, November 06, 2006

オンラインクラス第三週 モチーフ刺繍 Encrusted CQ Lesson 3: Motif Embroidery

It was a very hard decision because almost everyone recommended the second position. But maybe Sharon was right. My Eastern feeling made me choose the first one; not "contrast" but "fading".

This SRE hasn't been completed. But I will add more later, seeing the whole process of the block.

I took a red poppy from the upper silk print and crossstitched. Lace flowers of the motif are also poppies. I would like to connect them with the flowers of the center piece.

I have used DMC for crossstitching and mokuba ribbons for SRE.


emiko said...


Ulla said...

Dear Hideko

I also think you made right.The "grey"flower dominated too much on the light background.Now it's more in harmony with the background and the surrounding.
I follow you on distance and I'm very curious of the result.

Have a nice stitching time

Anonymous said...

Your work is always beautiful, it will be exciting to see the way it all comes together.

Susan said...

It will be beautiful, whatever you do to it, because you always have such lovely stitching.

hideko said...

Thank you very much for your understanding. We are asked to add ribbons and braids next time. It's a fun even for me to see how the appearence of the block would be changed in the next stage.