Thursday, July 20, 2006

デビー・リードさんと園部美知子さん Debbie R and Michiko Sonobe

私が初めて海外武者修行を企て、CQI (クレージーキルティング・インターナショナル)というアメリカのYahoo グループに参加したとき、真っ先に歓迎のメールを送ってくれたのが、デビー・リードさんです。そのとき彼女のメールは沖縄からでした。宣教師の奥様として三年間、沖縄で過ごし、丁度アメリカに帰国する直前のことでした。このブログにも早速の励ましを寄せてくれました。彼女の素晴らしいヴィクトリアンな刺繍や作品を、私はいつも感嘆しながら見せてもらって来ました。彼女のブログをリンクに載せましたのでごらん下さい。英語を読まなくても、最近、ご両親の結婚四十二年のお祝いに徹夜で仕上げた、結婚写真をレースで囲み美しいリボン刺繍とビーズで飾った素晴らしいを作品をご覧になれるでしょう。『コットン・ベル』という作品が私は大好きです。
日本にいたデビーさんですから、日本のキルターのこともご存知です。彼女の憧れは園部美知子さんです。(この4月、私は彼女の本を別のキルターにも送りました。)Vintage Vogue社(メーリングリストのスポンサーです)の通販リストにはいつも日本のパッチワーク通信やキルトジャパンの最近号が載っています。日本のキルトは注目されているようです。

When I decided to learn more about CQ and joined the Crazyquilting International group, Debbie Reed was the first person who sent me a welcome greeting. It was from Okinawa. She lived there for three years as a missionary wife and was just going back home to US. She has also encouraged me with this blog.I have put her blog in the link. You can see her gorgeous work she did for her parents wedding 42th anniversary. And if you open the crazyquilt mailing list, you would find her beautiful works more in her albumn. I love her "Cotton Bells" so much. As she was in Japan, she knows Japanese quilters' names and works. I love her "Cotton Belles". I know she admires Michiko Sonobe very much. And I know another US CQer who loves Michiko's works, for I sent her a copy of the book.(I will intruduce her next time.) I am always seeing Japanese quilt magazines and books in the item list from the Vitage Vogue. Japanese quilters and their works seem to be drawing attentions from abroad.
I have uploaded the photo of a small purse I made a few years ago, using a pattern from Michiko's book.


Anonymous said...

You are so sweet. I remember first writing to you when I was in Japan and hoping we were close enough to sew together! But the internet makes the world a smaller place and I sure enjoy seeing your work online too! Arigato! :-)

Anonymous said...

It's me again. In my excitement, I forgot to tell you how lovely your purse is. I have the book that pattern is in. Now that I have seen your purse, I would like to make one too. Very beautiful!

Ulla said...

What a great blog with so much information.My son is going to be in Tokyo for a year and he can help me buying of book of Michiko Sonobe.Perhaps we can buy it on-line because he can help with the japaneese language.

Thank you for blogging.
Ulla in the north of Sweden