Tuesday, July 18, 2006

シャロンさんのオンラインクラス Sharon・Boggon's Online Class


オーストラリアにシャロン・ボゴンさんという有名なクレージーキルターがいます。何年も前から憧れの人でしたが、今年二月、オンラインのクラスを開いてくれました。色あわせ、布の接ぎ方から始まって、シームステッチ、モチーフ刺繍、ブレードやレースづかい、ビーズ・ボタンの飾り、と惜しみなく持てる技術や知識を教えてくれました。そして毎週、講座の進行に合わせて、仕上がってゆく受講生のブロックに講評を加え、疑問には丁寧に答えてくれ、大感激でした。一緒に受講した人たちとも、互いの作品を見合い、誉め合い、意見交換しながら親交が深まりました。そのときのクラスを母体にしたグループもできました。私のFlickr アルバムは、最初はそのときの必要から作ったものです。ですから、そのクラスでの進行に合わせて、裸のブロックがどう変化していくかを追うことができます。 完成したブロックは周囲からも好評でしたが、自分でもとても気に入り、「夏の微風」というタイトルをつけました。


In this February I took an online class of Sharon Boggon, a very well-known Austrailian crazy quilter, I had admired for years. She taught us everything; colour coodinating, piecing, seam stitches, motifs embroidery, using of braids and laces, beading and button clusters and etc. She answered our questions and encouraged us much. In addition, she made a group after the class. We, students made comments and praised each other, and became friends. We were required to have our own albumn then and I made mine in Flickr site. You would see how my naked block progressed to be completed. I was so satisfied with my completed one I gave it a title "Summer Breeze". I received many nice comments from others with it.

I will add the sites of HPs and blogs of oversea CQers one by one for Japanese readers and also would add Japanese links as well for foreigners who might be interested in our culture. I would like to ask Japanese readers to help me.


Beadin' Gram said...

Great blog, Hideko.
Really enjoyed seeing a lot of your work that I hadn't seen before. Very lovely. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Hmm I love the idea behind this website, very unique.

Bear said...

oh Hideko
thank you for asking me to look at your blog- its truly beautiful as you are my dear friend!!
I love the way you have set it up so that both East and West cultures can enjoy your wonderful embroidery and watch your blog grow.
I hope to see more of your beautiful Kimona fabrics being used by you - its a joy to see your embroidery and its now a joy to see you excelling in blogging
Welcome to this new way of diary making and thank you for being my friend!
love n big hugs ya Bear xoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The doily with the flowers and flowing ribbons is wonderful. I would love to make a motif like this.

Anonymous said...
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