Thursday, July 27, 2006

宮谷真知子さん Machiko Miyatani


Machiko Miyatani is a wellknown crazy quilter in Japan. She lives in west part of Japan and has her class there and Tokyo. I live in north, so I only see her in TV or magazines. In 1994 she published "Crazy Quilts for Beginners", which is the first and the last Japanese book about crazyquilting. It has been out of print for years and is very hard to get now.
In this book, she says she learned her style from Peggy Mcmorris's "Carzy Quilts", in which we would learn the history of CQ and see lots of beautiful antique crazy quilts. Machiko's works are really beautiful, elegant and classic. Fabrics are gorgeous and seam stitches are neat. I love to see the photos of her beautiful and Japanese flavor added works in this books.
When piecing blocks, she uses designed patterns. I don't know the reason. But is it easier for beginners, I wonder. In my class I have never recommend patterns.
Last time I mentioned about some Japanese traditional patterns which influenced CQ. You may see two photos in her book; one is the pattern by Hokusai(a famous wooden printer) from Edo era (mid 18c~19c) and another Kenshin's kimono from 16th century.


Bear said...

thank you for telling us about the influences on your crazy quilting embroidery
do you know if Machiko Miyatani has a web site or blog or any picture site anywhere on the web that you know of??- I like the picture of the Kimono is this one of her CQ pieces??
I have heard of the other book by Penny McMorris before but hadnt seen the cover of it- although I have seen the quilt you showed on this entry thank you again dear friend I enjoy reading your blog its always so interesting
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxox

craftydiane said...

I love your hussuf. Can you please tell me what the measurements are on the finished one in your blog. I would love to make one.
my email address is
Thank you