Thursday, March 31, 2011

地図 A Map


I've decided to make a memorial quilt with last mourning hearts. Today I've done a piece like this. As you may see, this is a map of east coast line of Tohoku Region where was affected by quake, tsunami and nu-clear plant accident.

Two red beads shows the hypocenter and nu-clear plant. I put pearl beads as cities/towns. Three flower beads shows three cities where local goverment offices are; from top, Morioka (Iwate prefecture), Sendai (Miyagi prefecture), Fukushima (Fukushima prefecture).


Mireille said...

The quilt will be beautiful and very special. I understand that you want to make something so you can try to give the disaster a place.

Cathy K said...

What a beautiful sentiment for you to stitch. I am sure it will help work you through your personal mourning. Big hugs, Cathy

Mammka said...

Sad and beautiful blanket! There is a saying in my blog: sewing patches of sorrow.
God bless you!
Mammka-Monika from Hungary

Jeanne said...

I think the quilt will be beautiful
and I am sure it will help to get you through this disaster and give it a place .
Thoughts and prayers from Switzerland,

Bear said...

my heart has been so sad since that day and these blocks are so expressive as soon as I saw them I KNEW what area they were showing -they are so expressive, hopefully making your mourning quilt is going to help your heart to heal for your country and the many lost and hurt on THaT day
Bless you my friend
love nhugs bear xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh Hideko! It is so good you are able to stitch these beautiful things. I suppose it will help you to handle these terrible times.
Thank you for sharing! We are with you in our thoughts.


piney cq said...

This will be a wonderful tribute, Hideko! My heart aches with knowing all you are going through right now. I do hope that the exhibit we are putting together will be helpful to your country....

Sharon said...

Hideko I could only imagine the pain that your country is going through. This mourning quilt will give you and your people a place to put your tears and a place to find hope again. May God bless you Hideko and give you strength. My prayers are with you.