Sunday, January 03, 2010



I wish you all a Happy New Year!! though it's a Japanese tradition we don't celebrate the new year days while we are in mourning.


It's a big pleasant suprise when I received this "Tree of Life" ornament from Lynn Schoeffler in USA before Christmas. I have been waiting to show this beatiful gift until the first post of this year. Many things happened for me last year, not only good things but also sad things. "Tree of Life". Isn't it nice? I am encouraged.


These beautiful block and baggie in season color were from Malla in Finland. She was my swap sister last year. Thank you very much for being my sister through the year, Malla. I love your baggie so much. Your color choice was always nice. I would like to make something from your each baggie in future.


This almost naked block is from last year too. I would like to finish it in this year. Maybe it's one of my new year resolutions.


Anonymous said...


Your blocks are always so elegant. I love your last block on this post. the colors are lovely and it looks so beautiful. I cant wait to see it all embellished. I know it will be stunning! Is your block for a wall hanging or something else?

Rengin Yazitas said...

Hi Hideko,
Thanks so much for sharing these lovely things with us.
I always like to see your wonderful creations but I'm especially looking forward to see your progress on the last block on this post.
Much love...

Kathy said...

Beautiful gifts. The "tree of life" is unique. Adorable block to finish as well.

Anonymous said...

I love that last block. I hope to see it finished. The little girls are adorable.