Wednesday, December 30, 2009

クリスマスクラッカー公開 CQI Christmas Crackers Opened


We had received our own crackers before but had to wait to open them until the Christmas Day. Here are two crackers I received from Cindy and Mary.

Cindy's cracker.

She added even a chocolate bar. Thank you very much for your thoughtful choice, Cindy!!

Mary made this for me only three weeks after her husband's passing away. I would like to express my deep thanks and condolence to you, Mary.

My children were too busy with their job to come back home. During the season I have been only busy clearing and cleaning up my mother's apartment. Then these beautiful gifts have given me lots of joy in rather boring festive days.


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Anonymous said...


My grandmother (Sandy) gave me the kimono bag that you sent her. It is beautiful! I am going to use it as a bag for my dolls. Thank you so much!