Tuesday, November 10, 2009

十月のクラス My Class in October


We happened to have a new face as an observer last time. She is going to move to Sendai and searched some interesting handcraft class to find mine. She said she had been sane quilting for years but got interested in SRE.


I thought only sitting and seeing other peoples work might be boring, so recommended her to try piecing a small block for pincushion. She picked up red cottons. We didn't have enough time to complete it but she finished it by herself later and sent me the photo. Here's her pretty pincushion.

After that, she tried her own mini pouches from my blog and asked how to make a cord.


They are finished very lovely!! Please visit also her blog to see them.


I am looking foward to her joining in the class (maybe next spring?) very much. We'll have our second exhibition in next fall. I hope she'll enjoy it then.

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