Sunday, September 27, 2009

九月の教室 My Class in September


Here are four crazy quilted blocks Naoko has finished recently. They will be made into a cushion soon. She joined in my class in this spring as a completely newbie to CQ.


I have been cqing a bit longer than my students, so I have a bit more information about it than them. I can't say I am teaching something but only basic piecing and stitching. Everyone has her own creativity and we are enjoying together to share it in my class.


Pat Winter said...

She certainly is a born CQer! You are a good teacher. I too just teach the basics because everyone has their own special touches that takes nothing more than experimenting after learning the basics. Beautiful work.

Rengin Yazitas said...

Hideko, I believe that it is the main principle of the CQing is to have personal style! It is so obvious that Naoka has it, a new CQ star is born.

Anonymous said...

Super! Super! Super!