Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tagged and a Reward

My mother was moved to a hospital because of pneumonia two weeks ago. She seems to have overcome it though we have to face another problem now. Anyway I have been very busy visiting her at the hospital many times everyday. I've found I was tagged by Art4Sol and given a special reward by Sharon Chapman while then. Thank you very much, both ladies. I am very honored. Isn't it a big pleasure when I am lost much.

I am expected to tell you seven small things about myself. I'll tell you something about my family.

1, My paternal grandfather was a math teacher. My maternal grandfather was a chemical teacher.
2, My father was a doctor.
3, I have three brothers. I am a second child and only daughter of our parents.
4, My husband is my eldest brother's classmate from high school.
5, We have three children; two sons and a daughter.
6, They are all still single.
7, I am still feeding the second son at home but he'll leave home next April.

I am afraid I have enough time to tag so many people now. Sorry I can't keep tagging.


coral-seas said...

Dear Hideko

I am sorry to learn that your Mother is unwell and wish her a speedy recovery. Also take care of yourself, all of that visiting will take it's toll on you.

On a different note, like you I am the second child of four and the only daughter :)


Rengin Yazitas said...

Dear Hideko,
So sad that we're all dealing with the family health issues. I just learned your mother's situation. I hope she is much better now.
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...
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