Sunday, April 08, 2007

マスコット人形 Friendship Doll Swap

Now we are making small spirit dolls for the swap in CQI, which Jo is organizing.

I decided to make mine in Dharma shape, as it's the easiest. And a cotton fabric Kayoko gave me inspired me. I remember Japanese old patchworked kimono for a child had some mask or eye on its back to keep away evils, in the exhibition we went last autumn.

It's hardly looked as a doll.

The ogre's mask is so scare I was afraid everyone liked it. But my worry seems to be useless. I got lots of kind words.

Here are different masks on the fabric. I will make some more.

Ulla in the north of Sweden was interested in this doll swap and joined the CQI. How nice to see her in the same group!! She is introducing another old friendship doll swap between US and Japan before the War on her blog.


nuinui said...



Ati. Norway. said...

Very nice doll Hideko! She looks spiritual ;)

Ulla said...

I also feel a deepness in this friendship doll and it's the stories about the different types of dolls that also inspire me.Perhaps I would add an angel to my doll.
My best wishes
Ulla in the north of Sweden