Friday, March 30, 2007

「約束」という名のブロック Ayako's Block

This picture was taken two years ago in "Yokohama Quilts Week in 2005". I am the middle between Ms Selma, a famous Turkish CQer and my good friend Ayako.

Then Ayako was encouraged to start CQing by Ms Selma and given a Turkish charm, though she had never tried before. She promised her to do that and has made two CQ blocks, named "A Promise" recently.

This is her not first but second CQ block. I love the soft colours and her lovely stitches. They are reflecting her gentle characters very well.

Her embroidery is pretty. She has attended to a class of Tae Sasao, a wellknown embroiderer in Japan.

She lives far from our city. But PC makes us possible to do CQ with all together.

I will show you another of two blocks when it is finished.


Ulla said...

Embroidery of different kinds give the blocks another view.Your friend is also is very very good in different kinds of embroidery and I'm sure you have great knowledges to use.Yes with the internet you can communicate with people in many countries.Very nice.
Have a nice Easter.Perhaps you celebrate something else this time a year?

Virgi said...

The bloks are beautiful!

Susan said...

She does exquisite work. Is she becoming a huge fan of CQ now? Thank you for the picture showing you.

Ati. said...

So nice to see a picture of you. Ayako makes lovely work.Very delicate.

Ingeborg said...

How lovely to see you on the picture together with your friends and that you could encourage your friend to also do crazy quilting :-D


Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

I will have a short trip to England in May and see Carol Conway then. I thought it's better for her to show how I look. Lol. Ingeborg, you told me I sound younger. How is my appearence? Do I look younger too? Hideko

nuinui said...




Lorenza said...

What a small world! I know Selma too, we met twice during the European quilts Expo in Strasbourg and Barcelona, it's nice to see her with you, thank you for sharing.