Monday, May 09, 2011

津波被害の一例  An Example affected by Tsunami 


Our sons and daughter came back home last weekend. It was the first gathering of our all family after the quake, so we drove to Nobiru, a coast town affected by tsunami, where my mother-in-law was born and raised, and her brother (my husband's uncle) and his family used to live by March 11. It's one hour driving. My husband loves so much this place where he spend happy summer holidays in his youth every year.


When we visited them those houses were sorrounded with beautiful greens and nature.

A cousin's house was still standing steadily though the rooms and things on first floor were damaged.

Uncle's house was just a remain.

Their beautiful garden was also disappeared.




According to the paper, about 5000 houses in this city were destroyed by tsunami.


We really hope the town would be restored and people could be back to live there again in future, however long it takes.


Madame des Fleurs said...

Oh Hideko, how devastating and so sad! What a mess! I can only imagine for a very very small part how you and your family must have felt to see this. I hope no such things will ever happen again over there. It breaks my heart to see all hurt and devastation. May God bless you and your family and anyone in Japan.

Ulla said...

It's so sad for all the people and for the town and for the country who have been so hurted.It looks like it has been a war.
Send you my best regards.

Dragonfly Creations said...

Hello Hideko
The devastation in Japan has on many occasions reduced me to tears. I also hope that the towns can be restored and people can start to pick up the pieces of their lives again.

Cathy K said...

It is so heartbreaking to see these pictures and to realize how much work is still ahead for your family and their neighbors and friends. How wonderful that they are alive, however! Hugs, Cathy

piney cq said...

Oh Hideko! How very sad to see! I know that time will repair what was taken down.......hopefully it will help to heal your spirit as well? We love you so much and are saddened by your pain and VERY grateful you are still with us in this world! I truly hope we can make a financial impact for your country with the Hearts and Hands project!

Marie Alton said...

Hideko ... I am truly sad for your family ... the phenomenal power of the tsunami has shown here the effect it has left in it's wake. Homes destroyed ... memories of a previous existance destroyed ... so much work ahead to bring it back to what it was. It seems an almost overwhelming task .

One quote I want to share with you ... and I'm not even sure of it's origin ... "That which does not kill us ... makes us stronger".

The survivor spirit takes up and forges determination to do what it can to carry on ... and know that we are with you to help achieve that goal ... for as much as we can and in the best way we can.

We offer our hearts & hands to you snd those affected ... and we pray it will help to ease the awful pain that you are living with.

Hugs, prayers & support from us all.


Wilma said...

Hideko, how terrible to see this devastation for you and your family.

Malenadu said...

Very painful. I too hope god gives them the strength.

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