Saturday, August 29, 2009

自分にも DYOB blocks of my own

The first block was for Rosemary. But I've saved two for myself.

This is very similar to the last one.

I've finished this in different way, though a few early seams are the same as the first.


Anonymous said...

That is a lovely butterfly. That turned out so nicely. I am glad you kept them for yourself:) The stitches are great. I love your Herringbone stitch. You do it so very well.

Susan/CqLily said...

Such a new approach to a butterfly! I love seeing the different ways to achieve something beautiful! Thanks for sharing it. And as always your stitching is beautiful to behold!

Ati. said...

Nice blocks Hideko. I am always impressed how you combine the fabrics. Your stitching is beautiful as always! Ofcourse :))