Thursday, January 17, 2008

「あかねさす」紫ブロック1 Purple Block 1 almost done

My stitching on this purple block has been almost done.

I've used pressn' seal instead of marking for butterfiles, which are
the same patterns for Emiko's RR block I did before.

I'll add more stitches and beads for finishing touch tomorrow.

Make My Day Award Update…I've been tagged by Ati, Carol and Maureen again. Thank you very much, ladies.


Anonymous said...

Hideko, your work is just stunning!!! Beautiful stitching! What is press and seal and how does it work? Debbie

Anonymous said...

Hideko, I already left a comment once, but can you e-mail the group and explain to me how you use the press-n-seal stuff? Thanks, Debbie

Susan said...

I loved seeing the close-up pictures. I tried making little thready branches today on my lace, as I had seen you do on this one. Probably not as successfully, but I liked the way it worked.

Pat Winter said...

Another gorgeous piece of work. Thanks for the beauty this morning.