Tuesday, June 26, 2007

6月のRRブロック RR Blocks for New RRs

As for CQ, I have been busier piecing and sending blocks for RRs starting this month than embellishing.

This RR started mid June.

These two blocks for Sampler RR which starts July 1. Though I intended to use the black on black block for this RR before, I found the two 20cm squares were required by the guideline.

Most of fabrics I used for these blocks are from swap baggies I received in May. This baggie is from Elizabeth, my swap sister in this year. I always love her colour sense.

そしてこちらはCQI の4名のメンバー、ロリ、キャシー、キャロル、ジェニーからです。
These are from five ladies; Lori, Kathy, Caroll and Janie of CQI.

Don't you feel a fresh air of early summer from these blocks? Thank you very much for ladies.


Susan said...

I like all your blocks that you are sending out. They do look spring-like, but also very soothing colors. I especially like the top one. How very lovely all your baggies are!

Ulla said...

Really fresh colours.

Nice to follow the RR and see what's happening.
My best regards