Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ハート三つ Three Heart Sachets






Today I sent all the money we earned in Yokohama to three organizations working for children who lost their parent(s) by the disaster in March. New year is coming soon though our feelings are a bit far from happy greetings because the recovery is too slow. But anyway we hope 2012 would be a better year.


Silvia said...

You changed the look of the blog and was very beautiful,I loved it. I learn a lot from your work and am grateful for that.
Happy 2012.
Silvia, Brasil.

maire said...

I love your blog!! And the new design is lovely. What do you fill your heart sachets with...lavender or fluff? Cheers! Maire

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Thank you very much for your kind comments. Lavender is filled in those. If you are interested in how to make them please go to this past post.