Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bear's Bag


My dearest CQ friend Bear sent me a gorgeous bag for Christmas. We mad a personal swap promise many years ago and I sent her mine last Christmas. Isn't it nice we haven't forgot our long promise and finally it's done? Her bag is so beautiful it's really worth to wait!


A close-up her famous SRE web-roses.


She had asked me to take a photo of myself with her bag. I asked my friend to push the camera button yesterday after a lunch meeting with her and others. Thank you very much for your lovely bag, Bear! I think it is very suiting to me!!!


Suztats said...

It is! What a beautiful gift.

modern art said...

I love to read your blog, this is a lovely bag, greetings from the netherlands mia

Bear said...

oh Hideko
you and your bag look just RIGHT for each other I am so happy you like it and I hope you have many outings that you are able to wear this bag too. my goodness you look so cold, I have trouble remembering that you are in your winter time and we are in summer gggg
Keep safe dear dear fried have a happy holiday period and we will catch up in the New year no doubt.I wonder if we set a record for the longest length of time for making good on our promise of a swap BUT I knew and you knew we would always get it done one year gggg

much love and hugest of hugs bear xoxooxoxoxoxoxox

ParisMaddy said...

A very spécial and beautiful you and bag.

Happy New Year. Madeline

Светлана said...