Sunday, November 06, 2011

最後の仕上げ Last Finishing Work


We are going to mail everything to Yokohama tomorrow. These have been finished just in time.


First we were planning to make a group quilt with all members cq block. But most of us hardly have had time to make it but only charity goodies. Naoko and Ikuko had made theirs so I asked them to finish them to exhibit by themselves.



I was so busy in October, I felt almost giving up to finish this my mourning hearts quilt. But it must be meaningless for me if this were not shown in Yokohama. I am glad I could have done it finally.


Julie said...

My heart aches for the beauty of your quilt. I'm so glad you finished it...

Marie Alton said...

Hideko ... I too am glad you were able to finish this piece. It will mean so much to you sharing it ... as it will to your fellow citizens to view it ... those who have experienced your trauma first hand ... and who can appreciate the caring you share with them all ... kind of like a group hug!

We know there are so many that lost loved ones and part of their lives to this ... and sharing in the grief is a step closer to healing.

I believe this creation will be inspirational ... and will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction ... knowing that you have shared your feelings of loss in such a beautiful way with those who have experienced this tragedy too.

You have a heart of gold ... and it shows so obviously in your work.

Kudos to you ... such a long journey is so close to the end. Many of us ... myself included ... wish that we could be there with you to see the reactions of all of the people who visit the show!

I hope you have the opportunity to share some pictures with us ... that would give us all such joy!

Lisa said...

The Mourning Hearts quilt is so beautiful and moving. May it be a blessing to everyone who views it.