Tuesday, August 23, 2011

なでしこジャパン International Flags Project of CQI

しばらく忘れていたのですが、CQI の国旗プロジェクトの〆切が9月中でした。取り出してみたのですがどこから手をつけていいかわかりません。結局帯地がそれだけで豪華すぎるため、それ以上の刺繍や飾りをおくことができなくなることに気づき、思い切ってほどいてやり直しました。

The deadline of "International Flags Project" of CQI is the end of September. Yesterday I felt I should start now. But I couldn't find where to start. After some consideration, I replaced the fabric of each corner.

Here's the block after seamstitching.

This is a Japanese image of treasure boat.


I've just scattered some embellisments as plan. Maybe finished block would be different. But I will surely use dyed lace motifs of pink on upper left. Pink means NADESHIKO in Japanese and it's a nickname of Japanese team which won the Women's World Cup Soccer, as you know.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bright block this is! Love the eyecatching center of it!