Tuesday, June 28, 2011

海外からの支援 Thanks for your support!

Flight of Fancy is one of my favorite online shop I buy my cq embellishing items by chance, though mine is not big orders. Now we need lots of items so I ordered rather more than usual. Carol must have wondered about that and asked me what I would do with them. And what a big suprise to me, when I explained her we need them for charity goods, she offered me them free as her support/donation to Japan. What a big kindness!! It made me cry. I received a big package today.



And this is another story with Ribbon Smyth. I received a beautiful pillow from Vickie Brown a few days ago. I can never say I was a good and regular customer for her. I only bought several copies of Art Bra Calenders every year. But she made me a beautiful work for us. Again I don't know how to express my thanks to her.



Ulla said...

So happy to hear that she made such a lovely gift for you and your groups working on charity items.You are really worth it.

ayako said...


Bear said...

in times of great sadness comes those who have great hearts, Carole and Victoria are both such lovely ladiesand this is so lovely of them to support you and the charities you are making items for.
much love always
bear xoxoxoxoxxo