Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gerry's Block of Art Nouveau DYB RR


My first work of Art Nouveau RR is for Gerry K. Her favorite is Art Nouveau flower tiles. I googled a few sites she referenced and looked through my Art Nouveau flower disigns book of Dover Publications. Though I couldn't find a certain idea what to do in my researching, at last I thought the keywords must be "symmetry" and "curves".


My husband happened to have a business trip to Italy and Turkey recently, and he bought me hand crocheted oyas as souvenir. Aren't they beautiful? Suddenly I got an idea to use those oya flowers.


To arrange everything symmetry on curved line is a key.



But now, a perfect symmetry looked boring to me and I decided to break it in some way.

Right side.

Left side.


I wonder if Gerry accept this finished block as an Art Nouveau tile style?


Lorenza said...

Beautiful block: great idea!

Gerry Krueger said...

I love it Hideko and you are perfectly right about symmetry and curves. The oyas are lovely.

Gerry Krueger

Ati. said...

Hideko you did the right thing to make it the way you like it. It is beautiful !

MosaicMagpie said...

Simply beautiful and I love how you got the inspiration from the hanging flowers.

Cathy K said...

Hideko, I love this block that you made for Gerry! And I love how you explained your thoughts about making it, too. It’s very beautiful and I can see why Gerry loves it. I do too! Hugs, Cathy