Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Simona's block of All Wool DYB


After finishing of editing work of CQI Newsletter, I started stitching on Simona'sblock of All Wool DYB RR.

Her block is pieced very simply.

After considerations, I decided to do simple seam stitches.


Her theme was "Autumn", but her chosen color was already autumn. Anyway I stitched some motifs without much thinking. But what should I do in the right space?


The cover illustration of book I have been reading recently has inspired me. It's a drawing of woman's face who seems to be in meditating.


I love the result, which looks like as modern art. Isn't it?


Gerry Krueger said...

These wool blocks must feel wonderful in your hands... Good wool is such a soothing fabric. I love your additions to this block as they really suit the mood of the fabric... Great job..

Gerry K.

Ulla said...

That is a great idea.Wool is a lovely material to use and your stitching is just wonderful,modern art stitching.
I wish you a lovely weekend.

wanda art. said...

Hi Hideko,
I wish you much health, happiness, and Happy Easter!!!
your work is beautiful ,
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

I wish you much health, happiness, and Happy Easter!
your work is beautiful !!!
Best wishes,



Cathy K said...

I love this block you stitched for Simona. It's very lovely and I know she will enjoy it, especially the lovely face. Hugs, Cathy

Anonymous said...

Your work is so beautiful I hope that when I am good enough to jump in on a RR that you are one of the peo[ple who will workm on one of my blocks. I am learning so much justb watching what you do. I hope some day I can do 1/8thy as well as you do. Hugs Karol from cold lower North East Michigan. Karol